A Little Bit Peevey

26 May

Hi guys, first official post yaayyy! 

So today my friend and I were walking over to get lunch with our other friends. On our way we came across the dreaded “slow walkers”. You know, the kind of people who seem to take up the whole hallway and proceed to move at the pace of a sloth. I get it you’re in no hurry,  but I’m hungry! Since I have the patience of a small child, I proceeded to cut them off. Yeah whatever, it was immature, but I was able to eat 20 minutes sooner than if I put up with their zombie-like pace. Obviously I started to think about pet peeves. Other than “slow walkers” by top three would have to be…

1. EXCESSIVE PDA. As a person that has been in a four-year relationship, I have done my fair share of PDA. Holding hands, hugging and a quick kiss is fine. I am talking about the people who for some reason think it is appropriate to shove their hands in their significant other’s back pocket, hug/grope for what seems like years, and make out. Would you do that in front of your grandmother? No!? Than don’t do it in front of me. You better believe I will stare at you with a disgusted look on my face…I can see spit flying. Plus, I like to think that if a guy really respected you, he would never subject you to that kind of humiliation.

2. Touchy Feely. I am just not one of those people who likes to be touched. If I am going away for a long time, or I haven’t seen you in forever, hugs are tolerable. Other than that, do not try to cuddle with me, rub my back, or play with my hair. It’s weird and I have no idea where your hands have been.

3. Conversations Via Text Message. I cannot stress this one enough. Go ahead and text me if you have something funny to say or want to figure out when we are meeting for lunch. Under no circumstances do I want to rekindle a friendship. Texting is not for detailing every single thing you have done in college since the 2 years I last saw you. If you really want to talk to me that badly, actually make a call. Additionally, if we haven’t talked at all in two years…there is probably a reason.

What are your pet peeves??


One Response to “A Little Bit Peevey”

  1. Kelcie Marvin May 29, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    hahahaha okay i love that you are doing this!! i thought about it but i have no clue how it works.. love the name for it 🙂 it suits you hahah. but anyways i agree with all of your pet peeves so either we hang out too much or that is why we get along so well. you are also going to get annoyed because i will probably respond to all of these posts. yayyy ireland! go have a good time and drink some irish beer for me!

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