Hop On/Off

1 Jun

Phewww… today was super busy. I had class from 10-11:45 and after that a bunch of people decided to go on a Hop On/Hop off bus tour. The bus had over 20 stops..but of course we stopped at only worthwhile ones everything educational. Here are some highlights…

St. Patrick's Cathedral

I made friends! yayy

Thumbs up for Free Beer (aka 11 Euro for a "tour")

Lastly, we went out to Temple Bar. It’s the most popular bar in Dublin. It was packed, but totally overpriced.

The Temple gods' gift to man


So yeahhh, I did real people things like go on an educational tour, view a church, drink with the Irish, study for my classes…

giraffelegs is beyond tired…and my legs are still feeling like they are still in Amurrican maybe they should rest…or go out again..who knows.



2 Responses to “Hop On/Off”

  1. karen white June 1, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    Sounds like you’re adjusting 🙂

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