Fail Central

4 Jun

Last night I put my party hat legs on to officially celebrate my day of birth. A number of fails occurred. Let’s make a list…

1.) Waited by the bus stop for 20 minutes (not wanting to waste money on a cab). Bus finally arrived, changed to out of service as it passed us…we are left standing there. Obviously bus driver did not get the memo it was my birthday.

2.) Listened to a guy named Greg (names have been changed to project the idiot innocent) and went to a bar that was going to be “so much fun”. Half of our group couldn’t get it, but it didn’t matter anyway because there was a total of 20 people in the whole bar…and they were all creep-a-leeks.

3.) In the cab we begged the driver not to rip us off, because this has happened numerous times. “Oh I would never do that. Your total is $14. Or $4 each.” We realized after we got out of the cab that five girls times $4 each is $20….awesome. He also probably didn’t get the memo that it was my birthday.

4.) Made our way to this seemingly amazing nightclub…UHM NO. I swear I thought I was going to have a seizure with all the strobe light activity. Also there was a “smoking room”. This was literally a room that massive groups of people went in to smoke, and ash right on the floor. Not only are my lungs screaming for mercy..but there is cigarette poop on my heels. Thanks but no thanks.

Obviously my birthday wasn’t all bad. I didn’t have to ever pay cover, because I insisted on screaming “It’s my birthday!!!” I don’t know if I was let in free because they were happy for me, or because they wanted me to shut it.

At least we looked was a shower day

During the day I saw Pygmalion at the Abbey Theater. It was amazing. I never would have thought it would be so funny. Definitely recommend it.

Tomorrow we have the day off, so we are all thinking of going to the zoo. Maybe I will see some giraffes…

Hope you all are loving the hot weather!!!



One Response to “Fail Central”

  1. Uncle Dave June 4, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

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