Freezing and Cranky

6 Jun

Today I realized how crazy scary I can be when provoked. Conditions for this state of crazy are as follows…

1. I’m cold

2. I’m hungry

3. I’m tired

4. I think you suck could be more helpful than you were

After walking around in the city, let’s keep in mind that it was cloudy and cold and I was wearing a dress and half my body (aka my legs) were outside in the tundra, we all decide it is time to go back.  Sitting at the bus stop 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes…whattttttttttt why are you not coming bus 39a? Let’s also keep in mind that we talked to TWO other drivers to ask if our bus was running that day.

“Yes, yes it is. I think it is just late.”

Oh really?! You think that it’s late…good observation..yeah I would say that 60 minutes seems about the time that I would think the bus is late…

Let’s go to bus stop #2. A group of us decides to try our luck down the road. Finally 39a comes..until it changes to out of service. (Breathe Nicole breathe)

39a comes again..and this is the time I barge into the bus demanding answers

Bus Driver From Hell- “Oh we aren’t going back to the college today. This is my last stop.”

Me-“….I get on here every day. Are any buses going there?”

Bus Driver From Hell- (stares at me blankly)

Me-“Alright thanks for not helping. You are an @s$hole. Tell your other 39a friends I said that too..”

I know, not the most mature thing…but seriously no driver could tell us that the bus routes were changed earlier? Eventually we found a completely different route and got back…3 hours later…

My life is so hard..I am abroad in a beautiful country, and I’m that girl who has to complain about bus routes….

Tomorrow we have a day trip to Kilkenny! So hopefully I will be more fun =)

Zoo Recaps!

Notice the resemblance

Shaky giraffe legs (aka whenever I wear heels)

Not from the zoo..but it's cute

– crankylegs

What makes you cranky??


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