12 Jun

Traveling was an issue today. The original plan was..

1.) Get up/check out of our jail cell dorm by 10:00 am

2.) Walk into town (2o minutes)

3.) Leisurely eat/shop

4.) Take the free shuttle back to campus/get our bags/take shuttle back to town

5.) Get on the 3:25 train from Galway to Dublin

6.) Be home by 6/disinfect my body/do nothing

Of course none of this happened…

1.) Got up (check). Check out of dorm by 10:00 am (fail). My room key deactivated, so when I went to brush my teeth and came back..I was locked out. Called reception “oh sorry it must have checked you out early. come to the front desk.” By this time it’s pouring, I am in my pajamas, I have no umbrella and I look like this…

Only less cute..

2.) Walk into town. (Check) In 20 minutes. (Fail) Like I said, we left late because of my room key situation, and it was pouring. ALSO the only clean clothes I had were grey leggings, a grey tunic, and a grey sweatshirt. Grey Jumpsuit…it’s fine. Oh, and Black Glitter Toms…fashion icon. P.S. I was very wet

3.) Eat. (Check) Shop. (Check) Leisurely. (Fail) Again it was pouring, we were walking into the rain, I somehow thought I didn’t need to buy a raincoat before I left..and I still look like the baby above (again less cute/I’m soaking). Furthermore, let it be known that Toms are not waterproof..

4.) Get on the free shuttle. (Check) Sure we made it on the shuttle (hooray!), but not before we stood in the rain/cold while the bus driver ate his sandwich. Whenever we knocked on the glass he just held it up like that meant he could not possibly drop what he was doing for one second to give us shelter. Then when we got on he said, “How would you like it if someone interrupted your lunch? This is my only time for a break.”

a.) You let 4 other girls on the bus…so you obviously opened the door for them

b.) Man candy, you do not need  that sandwich right at this moment. I am pretty sure you could live off that belly you’ve got there for months.

c.) Sorry, next time I’ll just walk…..

5.) Get to train by 3:25. (Check) Oh wait, we read the schedule wrong..the train actually left at 3:05. (Fail)  I love military time. But don’t worry..the next train left at 5:15..who doesn’t love to spend 2 hours on a train platform? I hate myself.

6.) Arrive in Dublin by 6. (Fail) Arrived in Dublin by 8, didn’t get back to campus until 8:30..didn’t disenfect until 20 minutes ago.

—————————however silver linings do exist

My weekend in Galway was beyond amazing! I will post more tomorrow after class. I hope you all had a great weekend and didn’t royally screw yourself like I did.

Teaser (Cliffs of Moher)



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