Galway Girl

13 Jun

‘Cause her hair was black blonde and her eyes were blue. So I took her hand and I gave her a twirl, and I lost my heart to a Galway girl

Galway girls

Hands down best weekend in Ireland. After traveling on Thursday we all went out to a bar named The Front Door (obviously a little R&R was needed, and what better way than drinks hanging with friends). We clearly announced our American presence by..

a.) Asking the DJ to play Galway Girl (the locals hate this song)

b.) Drinking Guinness (local girls apparently do not drink’s a mans drink)

c.) Requesting that Bieber be played..oops that one was my fault. I miss the biebs.

Friday we were off to Inishmore, one of the 3 Aran Islands. We rode bikes all day, I swear I lost feeling in my tushy..totally numb; but it was worth it.

View from road..why don't we have this??

Smells like sheep in there

Old Fort

Thankfully by Saturday morning I regained some feeling in the lower half of my body. Later that day we toured the Cliffs of Moher. The Princess Bride and Harry Potter (6th movie) have both filmed scenes there. The view was absolutely breathtaking, and luckily we had great weather. I heard that sometimes when the water is choppy the waves crash all the way up the sides and soak everyone (this would feel similar to standing in the rain waiting to get on a free shuttle..previous post).

I wonder how many people have fallen off. Is that morbid?

Harry Potter Cave

The rest of my pictures are on Facebook if you feel like stalking me, which I am sure everyone never already does. If you are every in Ireland, Galway is definitely worth a visit!!

More bartastic pictures…

It was a traveling day..excuse my face


What is your favorite vacation spot?



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