Bridezilla and Hens

21 Jun

Traveling has never been/will never be a pleasant experience for me. I get sick (p.s. you can add Spain to my throw-up list), my legs always cramp up due to lack of room on airplanes, and I inevitably sit next to a “screamer”. In this case it wasn’t a small child that made my ears bleed, but a grown 20 something woman..on her way to Spain for her bachelorette party.

“Nicole, can’t you just let it go? It’s was her bachelorette party..a once in a lifetime experience!”

Uhm, no I can’t and I will not. I don’t think this post could give this lady justice. Bullet points of the horrors I had to sit by…

  • Bride to be was wearing white pants, white tank top (both see through), hot pink wedges and a hot pink top hat (yes a top hat) complete with a mini-veil that read “The Bride”
  • She matched her awesome outfit to her awesome nails..acrylic french manicure with hot pink rhinestones (so hot right now)

Similar to this, only add hot pink stones. Classy girlfran!

  •  Bridezilla very considerately made matching tank tops for her posse. She was rolling at least 12 deep, with girls in black tanks that read “Tammy and her hens! Barcelona 2011!” Hens must be an Irish thing, because if I ever called my friends that I would get hit.
  • Las chicas locas then proceeded to drink there bodyweight in airplane vodka..this is when the real fun began.
  • The hens, now sufficiently hammered, ran up and down the aisle of the plane take pictures, downing more shots, and cackling (imagine it on a grown woman..not so cute).
Eventually the plane did land and we all attempted to sprint off. This plan ultimately failed when one hen decided to hold up the line but getting everyone’s luggage and passing it around to the other hens.  If that wasn’t annoying enough Dana, one of the girl’s on the trip, got hit in the back of the head with a duffel bag.
This run in made me realize that I in no way want to be that obnoxious during my own bachelorette party. Besides tank tops are tacky…I would much rather wear a bandeau and some hot pants. I can be classy too.

Dream Dress

Only two days left in Dublin!!!
xoxoweddinglegs (hot pink theme..yess)

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