Glitter, Candy & Prepubescent Teenyboppers

29 Jun

Max and I scored free tickets from one of our friends to Katy Perry last night. She was phenomenal, I have never seen so much candy, whipped cream and confetti in my life. Not to mention her body is just as smoking in real life as it is in pictures. Is that weird? Probably. I have decided that if I could pull off wearing a bra made to look like Hershey’s kisses I would wear it everywhere. Class, work, name it, because I am one klassy broad.

Work it

Also, for the first time in my life I felt old. I have never seen so many screaming pre-teens in my life. I thought the girl next to me was going to pop a blood vessel. The best part of it all was when Katy decided to cover Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, all the children started making these confused faces. I knew they were all thinking, “Like, omg. Is this a new song? I’ve never heard it. I’m such a bad fan. I know all her songs! Wait..this isn’t right…this sounds kind of old.”

What do you mean you don't know who Whitney is?!

Learned my lesson. That is the last time I try to look above 15 for a pop concert. Next time I’ll throw on my old headgear, put on blue eyeshadow and wear floods. Loved the awkward middle school years.

Found the only other early 90's girl

This rant got me thinking about the early 90’s. Don’t you think the shows, movies and music were way better when we were growing up? Backstreet, Spice Girls, Boy Meets World, RUGRATS (no elaboration needed). We didn’t have any of those show on Disney that highlight tweens who sing, dance and fall in love every other day. Thanks Miley Cyrus but you can keep yo’ jank mouth to yourself. I miss the 90’s; granted I have only experienced 2 decades so my opinion doesn’t really matter..but when has that stopped me before.

What were your favorite shows/bands/movies when you were younger?


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