Death by Puppy

3 Jul

Ask Complain and you shall receive.

I feel semi terrible for complaining about the chickens, although more specifically I was complaining about being a giant hick. Anyway, my dog killed two of them 2 down 4 to go buddy.

Chicken Murderer..look at that face =)

Apparently Cid, my puppy, likes to “play” with them. Imagine…pounce, chicken flies away, pounce, chicken flies away, pounce, chicken is crushed. Sad but true. However, these murders did not deter my parents from being chicken keepers in any way. Instead Faja (father) came home with more..and by more I mean 3 chicks, 1 awkward stage rooster (like 13 in human years), and 8 infant pheasants. Do the of 8 chickens plus the additional pheasants. I think that means in the Country Land I am considered a princess. My kingdom is vast and full of monster trucks. Put me atop of a throne made of hay and adorn my head with a lovely pasture grass crown. Don’t forget the confederate flag…GO AMURICA.

My carriage awaits.

So that’s the news from the Gomez frontier. Tomorrow I am off to pick out Max’s birthday presents, he’s finally moving on from his teenage years. (I’m such a cougar)

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! Don’t drink and drive, or text..nobody likes drunk girl texts.


What are you up to for the 4th of July weekend?


One Response to “Death by Puppy”

  1. Kelcie Marvin July 3, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    GAHHH miss you!! and yay cougars together! also dyinggggg laughing at this post! seriously i think my host family thinks im loca but whatevs anyways when we skype you should do it near the chicken coup if you can get internet all the way there i want to see them!! haha

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