Talk scrabble to me

5 Jul

Hope you all had a fantastical holiday weekend!

After a family party yesterday I headed over to Max’s for some fireworks and other various activities (i.e. Dirty Scrabble, picture will not be posted due to outlandish/completely inappropriate content). There are 2 rules for the game: 1. You must play a dirty word 2. If you can’t play a dirty word you may use a “normal” word but make it dirty in a sentence. Max’s idea of family bonding is sick…I am fully aware. I think we work so well together because we have such a warped sense of humor, and puts up with the mood swings.

“Nicole, I love you even when you’re a crankypanks. I don’t know how, I just do.”- Max

What a trooper.

On a more family friendly note, Max, his brother and his cousins put up a tent to sleep in for the night. Thank sweet baby jehsus that there was at least 5 of them, because had there been any less..the tent would not have been erected (could have been used in scrabble).

The menfolk struggle

Menfolk experience success...then remember that they have to sleep in a

Later we all sat in front of a fire and became food for squitos roasted the mellows. I realized that I hate marshmellows…especially the giant ones. I would much rather put a slab of chocolate in between two graham crackers and call it a day, or just eat a slab of chocolate. I’m not picky, and I also have no pride.

Lake view

Well back to the grind. Booooooooo



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