Lesson Learned: Don’t Be a Crazy Person

8 Jul

This is a new segment of giraffelegs that I will (hopefully) update regularly. It will dive into the lessons I learn while trying to be a real person and grow up (oh dear god I hope not literally.. if I stretch any longer heels are out for good). Going from highschool to college isn’t an easy transition. First you are homesick, then when you come back you are sick of home. It starts to become annoying awkward when parents attempt to assert curfew times and chores. Sorry I was in college for a year and dirty clothes were my carpet, I never had to do dishes and I went out by 11. No 11:45 is not a better curfew Dad. On top of that after sharing a house with friends is completely different from bunking with Dad, Mom, 2 little brothers a little sister, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3098234987 chickens.

What’s the point Nicole?

The point is that sometimes I bottle up everything that annoys me, and then I lash out. Literally blow up, not quite Mel Gibson level..but somewhere slightly below that. CRAZY.

The Story:

Max is over, and we are just hanging out on the couch watching the boob tube while I search Craig’sList which is super sketchy which is super helpful for car hunting. Seeing that I am obviously tweaking out, Max (being the perfect human that he is) decides to take the computer and do a few searches for me via dealership sites. And that is when I go bat sh*t crazy. I stop talking and after our show finishes I drive him home…IN SILENCE.

Max: (trying to make conversation in a  car ride from hell driven by the IceBiatch) “Wow, would you look at the moon? It looks just last night.”

Me: (promoting myself from IceBiatch to worst girlfriend ever) “Are you just trying to make random conversation because I’m not talking and your nervous..”

Max: “I’m sorry…”

Me: “I hate it when you say that.” OMAGawddd did you just cry for Max while reading that…how awful. IceBox

I  drop Max off, and then proceed to sit in my car in his driveway before calling. He comes back to the car and barely puts his gluteus MAXimus on the seat when I start to sob. Full on blubbering, like the kind of crying that isn’t at all cute. Runny nose, racoon eyes from the mascara, and I was hiccuping because I was breathing too fast….like shut up, are you 20? I complained about everything and anything from college, my lack of car, need for a new phone, feeling unprepared for life, what am I going to do after college, is grad school an option, living at home, I am broke, I feel ugly (duhh crying gives me squinty eyes). I told Max that I was sorry for using him as an outlet. His only response: “Babe, you gotta talk to me. Tell me how you feel..instead of acting like a biatch.”

Crazy town

Lesson Learned: Do not ignore all of your emotions and then throw them up on your unsuspecting boyfriend. You think that I would have learned this steps. Fortunately for me, Max is the total opposite and brings down my crazy level down to somewhat normal levels.


p.s. Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

How do you react when you are about to go Charlie Sheen on someone? Or does this not ever happen to you??


One Response to “Lesson Learned: Don’t Be a Crazy Person”

  1. kelcgoestospain July 11, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    Wow I’m a sap.. I just teared reading this because you and Max are just so cute!! Love you two together, your personalities complement each other! and also if you ever need to talk about anything I’m here too! I love to hear people rant and complain! Also I really hope the car hunt goes well 🙂 Wish money grew on trees so I could just get you one and then you could drive to Spain (it would be an underwater car duh!) and see me! Miss you tons and Lovesss you! oh also in Barcelona there was a hotel called NH hotel haha totally thought of you and was like omg this is a sign I have to come back with Nicole and we have to stay in the NH hotel!

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