I Want It All: Broke College Girl

19 Jul

Today while thinking about the wonderous Urban Outfitters sale tomorrow (love Art Fair), I remembered how truly broke I am. Thank you Europe for that awesome conversion rate. So not only do I not have nearly enough money to indulge my fashion taste buds, I also can’t seem to enter a store without picking out the most expensive thing/needing to buy it. My mom likes to say that I “have champagne taste on a beer diet”.

So how do I stay happily married to clothes and my paycheck? 3 things…

1.) SHOP OUTLET. I feel way better about myself when I don’t spend $86 dollars on a J crew shirt. The outlets always have great sale, and they have them in every possible size (including longs..yayy!). Plus, I’m not one of those people who refuses to wear last seasons skirt..because in reality my boyfriend doesn’t even know what that means, and you probably won’t even notice.

2.) SALE RACK. You don’t have to only shop sale rack, because god knows that I do find myself in the front of the store sometimes to buy a $120 blazer and I totally deserved it. But I always go to the sale rack first, and then that way if you are out of can better justify that blazer.

3.) RE-WEAR. I hate repeating outfits (ask Max), but I love finding ways to re-wear pieces and making it into a new ensemble. It’s ridiculous to buy a skirt/shirt/dress etc. and then refuse to wear it twice. Also, wear your outfit with different groups of people. You can bet that I went out with girlfriends in this dress, and then wore it on a date…I’m practical, and like I said..broke.

4.) BE A SNOB..BUT A CHEAPER ONE. I am not going to lie, I love brand names. Will I buy something that says Marc Jacobs on it just because…yes…does the price kill me…no. I love Marshals and TjMaxx. In fact, the other day I took Max into Marshals and he nearly passed out. We split up and he happily came back with a shirt and 2 Ralph Lauren pillows..I taught him well.

I decided that it would be fun to create a fashion page (I Want It All). The tab is up at the top, near About Me and All Things Leggy. I’ll put down where I bought the pieces and maybe later the price if you guys are interested. As I said, I have a shopping problem, and I am obviously on a college budget. My aim is for affordable and cute, so basically if you see anything that looks supes expensive it’s because a.) my mom broke down and bought it for me or b.) I fake it til’ I make it (aka it’s actually cheap but you just can’t tell.)

Comment if you have any suggestions/changes: I Want It All


2 Responses to “I Want It All: Broke College Girl”

  1. Rachel July 19, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    Your blog = the best ever. Seriously.

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