98 Degrees

21 Jul

Yesterday’s art fair excursion began with a 6am wake up call. Why? Because the art fair gods rain down on poor college students each summer and put on the most glorious sale of all time. The Urban Outfitters sale. I have always loved Urban, however my bank account doesn’t. Sorry I don’t want to pay $30 for a t-shirt that I will inevitably spill dinner on. Not only are all the items outside marked down,  but then you take 50% off the sale price. Obviously, I was that really annoying girl who went through EVERY SINGLE ITEM. I didn’t skip over 1 rack because I got anxiety that I would miss something really great. Also, it is essential that you get there early in the morning or else it’s one giant mosh-pit of people under a 20×20 tent, complete with the longest line imaginable. Pair that with suffocating heat and the sweaty bodies of people who rub up on you whilst digging for treasures, and you’ve got yourself the makings for a terrible day and possibly a disease.

Picked up this shirt for Max-girlfriend brownie points.

What I bought (which I am not going to show until I actually wear them): 4 dresses (that don’t show my butt!), 1 romper, 1 skirt, 1 shirt, 1 shirt for Max, & 1 bracelet (total of 8 items)

What I paid (with tax): $79.46

Full Retail Value without sale (with tax): $453.68

Total Savings: $374.22

I was pretty proud of myself for my goddess-like savings, however one of my friends completely beat me with a full retail value of $1,000 and bill of only $195. She bought at least 4 shirts for 5 cents each. Bravo Katie! So, if you are like me and have nothing to do but work and make your boyfriend hang out with you on your every whim, go down to the Ann Arbor art fair (in the morning) and shop. Pitaya, Possh, and lots of other stores are also having sales, but none as great as Urban. Tomorrow is the last day!

P.S. Hey Margee and Nancy! It as good seeing you =)


Max and I have never actually been through the art fair, so we decided to check it out. It was HOT. Within minutes I was a giant cranky biatch; I needed food and air conditioning. I know I’m becoming more psycho than normal when I start making rude remarks to strangers; “Oh, thanks so much for walking in front of me.” “Awesome, I love walking slow..” Thankfully, Max knows by now how to calm the beast; so he made me eat.

Look I'm happy again!

Done with work for the week!! Here’s a throwback song, inspiration the heat…98 Degrees



3 Responses to “98 Degrees”

  1. Katie Young July 22, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    I love that I was mentioned in this blog post 🙂 I totally feel the love! I haven’t taken anything out of my bag yet… maybe if I dont go through it until next week it’ll be like Christmas all over again!! P.S. where did you get that delicious bowl of heaven? Brett & I are going to the ‘fair today so I might have to get some to make me less cranky too!

    • giraffelegs July 22, 2011 at 10:29 am #

      Amers! Right across from pitaya, gooo it was soo good! but i spent like $7 ..mehh

  2. margee July 23, 2011 at 11:16 pm #

    aww nicole that was so nice thanks for the shout out!! it was good seeing you too 🙂

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