23 Jul

I love these shorts, they remind me of the 40’s pin-up style. They are high-waisted, and while I definitely always stayed away from anything that hit slighty above my hip bones (who doesn’t love their crack showing?)..I realized that high-waisted it more flattering. My mom was right…again.

Striped Shirt: JCrew sale rack

High-waisted shorts: Pitaya (East Lansing location)

Belt: my mom’s closet

Awkward stance: me….


2 Responses to “Pin-Up”

  1. kelcgoestospain July 24, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    ha yeah instead of seeing your ass crack i almost get a view of the bottom of your ass cheeks haha. you are too cute.. also im going to try to shed 20lbs so i can steal all of the adorable clothes.. also who is taking these pictures of you?? and your hair is getting so long!! you are catching up to me and ive only been trying to get mine long for 4 years.. yours takes a fricken day. only 2 weeks until i see you again :)!!!

    • giraffelegs July 24, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

      shut up!! hahaha i know, my ass def shows in those pants, i have another pair in a different color…im a sloot
      alsooo did you know that I finally got a car?!? that means I can actually visit you this year!!!!! sorry if I already told you that =)

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