New Domain

24 Jul

I finally gave in and bought a new domain name…thanks mom and dad! (still broke over on my end)

Instead of it is now

The site is supposed to redirect you if you happen to use the old domain, but please let me know if you have any problems.

In other news…this weekend I was on a mission to find nude heels, as always I tore apart DSW. No luck. I got all excited when I found the perfect pair for under $50, turns out a size 11 does not fit me..even after I barter with God. I seriously contemplated the whole shove tissues into the bottom of the shoe, but then realized if I get drunk I will for sure lose them that’s super impractical. Instead of helping, my sister tried on a bunch of sloot shoes, where would she ever to wear these (permitting that my mom let her walk out of the house)? 8th grade boys have barely learned to grow, if you put on these shoes it guarantees that they won’t cross the room to the girl’s side to ask you to dance. That’s what I told myself when I was in middle school.

The 8th grade dance is a big deal...

Where we failed in hoe-ish heels, we struck gold in Home Goods. It took nearly 40 minutes for my mom and I to come up with something somewhat fashionable to replace a Xmas candle that has been sitting on our table from 2 years ago…

We were so proud..I can barely do anything interior design/craft wise. Example: my freshmen dorm color scheme was black and hot pink…everything matched.

I will have to hire an interior designer…or just never invite people over.




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