Protect Those Panties

28 Jul

Laundry sucks. If you are in college you most likely pay to wash your clothes. By pay, I mean break a $10 bill into quarters only to then break another $5 when the dryer decides to leave all your clothes damp after the 60 minute cycle. Also, don’t forget to watch your laundry or your lady delicates could get stolen. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that finding ways to use clothes that you normally wouldn’t wear during the day can save you money later. J’s Everyday Fashion gave me the idea to turn a dress into a skirt. So that hoochie number American Apparel tries to convince the population is a dress, can be turned into an office appropriate ensemble.

Shirt (really a dress): American Apparel

Skirt: The Loft

Belt: La Bogada (store in East Lansing)<– Everything in this store is generally under $20!

Strappy Heels: Jessica Simpson, vis DSW

Hair in a bun for the 2nd day: Do I really need to elaborate?

Earrings: Express (buy 1 get 1 free)

Problem solved! You don’t have to wash another shirt, and you have an easy nighttime look.

P.S. I know that I didn’t originally create this blog highlight cheap outfit choices, but nothing exciting is going on right now. I pretty much work, eat and repeat. When I get back to school I am sure I’ll come back full swing.


What do you guys want to see me blog about??


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