Max It Out

1 Aug

No not your credit card, or my boyfriend. Watch it girl.

Last week I conquered the art of wearing a dress as a shirt, and this week I was inspired by J once again (check out her blog, it’s fantastic). So, I decided to try making a maxi dress into a maxi skirt. I love the look of this summer trend but

  • a.) have a hard time finding ones that aren’t an awkward length
  •  b.) I am broke…just in case you all forgot and
  • c.) I have a hard time finding one that’s not an awkward length.

I thought the whole look came out pretty cute, it definitely had the potential to develop into a bag lady ensemble, but I think the belt saved the day and some dollars.

My Wallet: 1

Shopping Empire: 2,342,098

You can’t win them all…

Skirt (really a maxi dress): H&M

T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters, via super sale

Belt: AE, really old

Sandals: Penney’s, gift from friend

mhmmmmmm brownies

Lip stick: Spellbound Envoutee, Covergirl via Ulta

  • You can’t tell how awesome this shade is in either pictures, but it short of a bluish, purplish, pinkish. I know that sounds awful, but it’s really fun. Bonus: if you are too lazy to adequately put on mascara and are trying to look less manish in the morning, slap this on. There is no denying that you are a woman in this lipstick. GO GET IT.



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