Sailor Pants

3 Aug

I love high-waisted flare pants for 2 reasons.

  1. There is no chance that you will bend over and show some unlucky bystander your butt-smile.
  2. I feel like a sailor when I wear them. Don’t know why, but I just want to get on a yacht and cruise around. Then I realize I am poor, it’s a vicious cycle.


High Waisted Pants: BCBC, via last call

Bow-tie Blouse: The Loft

Gold Metallic Heels: Jeanologie, boutique in East Lansing

Giant old lady earrings: Topshop (I love them)

This week I will be in Maryland for my Aunt’s wedding. We are going to sight see in D.C. and eat lots of crab. Hopefully I can convince the madre that I am in need of a back to school wardrobe, and also in need of her card.

Do you go back to school shopping every year? What are your favorite stores?


P.S. Random Fact of the Day: After work I got into the elevator and pressed the button for the main entrance. It stopped and a woman got in. She look at the buttons, then looked at me and said, “Wow. So you already had the button pressed?” I couldn’t even muster up a response. Yesss, I did press a button…that’s how you get the elevator to move. Do you just ride the elevator until it haphazardly lands on your destination? I ran out of the door as soon as they opened in fear that she was hiding a sharpened nail pile in her purse and thought I looked easy to pick off. THINK AGAIN CRAZY.


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