Tired Feetsies: D.C.

9 Aug

By the end of yesterday my feet were beyond nasty, my shirt was soaking with sweat, I definitely smelled like a pubescent boy, and I was more awful than usual. It was the longest day ever, but I’m glad I did it.

So happy


Our day started at the National Archives, which sounds really boring, but it was amazing. For free you are able to see the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The line was comparable to waiting to ride the Millenium at Cedar Point, but it was worth it. My only complaint, STOP BRINGING YOUR SMALL CHILDREN! Any child under the age of 6 (and that is pushing it), has zero interest in looking at a piece of parchment containing our country’s values.


a.)   Don’t understand what it means.

b.)   Want to look at the dinosaurs, so do them a favor and take them to the Natural History Museum. This way they won’t start throwing a tantrum, and you won’t get death stares from the rest of us.

National Archives


After the archives we headed over to the Natural History Smithsonian. That place is packed full of stuff; you could get lost in there. GO.

Seemed fitting

At this point I was ready to pass out, and I look like Tiny Tim, limping around D.C. We barely made it over to the Capitol Building. The inside was amazing, and freezing (thank youu).

Max was in history nerd heaven the whole day. I’m glad we brought him so that my dad had someone else to talk to, which meant I didn’t have to converse. This ultimately was prime because whenever I opened my mouth a series of grunts, eye rolling and general sarcasm came out. I was a little sleepy and cranky, and definitely being a downer.

Even if you are not interested in history I would highly suggest visiting D.C. The city is beautiful and super clean, and what else do you have to do anyway????



One Response to “Tired Feetsies: D.C.”

  1. giraffelegs August 9, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    You were fun even if you did smell like your pubescent brother, Tony. Mom

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