Dorm Shopping 101

18 Aug

It’s that time again where college freshmen around the world are rejoicing. They pack up all there belongings, hide their welcome week beer, and run out of their parents car before it can even roll to a stop. Moving is stressful enough, but figuring out what/what not to bring for the dorms is nearly impossible. There are so many things that I wish I hadn’t bought, simply because I didn’t need it. Listen up kids, splurge on the necessities…

1.)    DON’T buy an outrageous bed set. I can guarantee that you will get sick of it within the first year. Stick with neutrals (white, tan, gray). If you really want to do color I would make sure it’s not patterned (or it’s a classic pattern). I thought I would love my black and white polka-dot sheets forever…nope hated them in 3 months. Good thing I had bought a reversible comforter, this way if I got bored all I had to do was buy new sheets.

Urban Outfitters Solid Edge Ruffle Duvet- $89

Urban Outfitters Waterfall Ruffle Duvet $149-199











2.)    DO try to mix and match. It literally looked like I threw up a 13 year old girl in my dorm room. Everything was hot pink and black…omagawddd make it stop. It was too colored coordinated, and I basically had to completely clean out my account to change things around when I got sick of it in .2 seconds. Pick a color that you want to center around (like blue for instance) and then use neutrals as well as small pops of complimentary colors. Overall this will pull your whole look together.

Bloomingdale's Sky Bedding, via Casa Sugar


3.)    DO buy a closet organizer. Almost every store that carries home accessories will have some sort of shoe/sweater/jewelry organizer. BUY IT. Don’t be under any assumptions that your dorm will provide you with a walk in closet.

Target Room Essentials Sweater Organizer $7.99


4.)    DON’T BUY CHEAP. Just because that bookcase is $ 5.99 doesn’t mean you should buy it. I get that you are poor, that is my life. However, in the long run you are going to spend more money buying replacements for that cardboard bookshelf because every time you take a book out, it falls apart. You are in college for 4 years (if you are lucky), invest in some good pieces that will hold up until graduation.

5.)    COORDINATE WITH YOUR ROOMMATES. You don’t all need a flat screen TV, refrigerator, and a futon. Figure out who is bringing what, and make sure that everything is divided equally. I made the mistake of being too nice and letting one of my roommates only bring bathroom cleaning supplies. I brought the futon…unfair trade. Further down the road she ruined my futon with a melted chocolate bar..still bitter.

Walmart Delaney Split-Back Futon- $149


Lastly, have fun. In the long run you will forget what your bedding looked like, that futon will be thrown away, and you will trade in that sweater organizer for a wonderful Carrie Bradshaw dream closet.

What are/were you most excited to buy for your dorm? Do you have any dorm horror stories??




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