Lesson Learned: It’s Okay to Say No

26 Aug

I would generally categorize myself as a people pleaser. I don’t like disappointing co-workers, friends, family, a name it. Sometimes saying no is not only necessary, but required for your mental health.

Instances where you might consider saying aawhh hHelll noo.

  1. Borrowing new shoes/clothes. By all means you can raid my closet, but don’t you dare wear my spanking new digs. At least if I ruin it I wore it first; if you ruin it I can only blame myself for being stupid enough to hand my stuff over.

    In a perfect world these would be mine.


  2. You don’t feel like going out. We all have those days. All your outfits make you look like a beached whale, the thought of putting on mascara makes your brain hurt, and the mere smell of hand sanitizer makes you gag. These are all signs that maybe you should trade the Lime Burnetts for your bed and some quality time with Gossip Girl.
  3. 4th meal. Okay so you went out.. that’s great, but for the love of a huge @ss put down that spicy burrito. You just drank your weight in cheap booze, do you really think your body will appreciate a vicious attack of hot sauce, cheese and questionable meat? Of course, sometimes 4th meal is everything you could ever want and need, but use it sparingly. Your @ss will thank you later.
  4. “Sharing” Homework. Exchanging answers is one thing, but being used is another. College is time-consuming enough without me emailing you the work, responding to your texts and picking up your calls that I   am trying so hard to ignore. So don’t be that A-hole that can’t do your own homework, and I won’t be that A-hole that has to figure out a nice way to say that you suck.
What makes you say no?

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