Giving Up on Looking Decent

28 Aug

There will come a day when you stop trying to look cute for class. This usually happens about 3 days into school. Buying pieces that require little styling effort and can be worn numerous times are prime for us starving/lazy college kids. Here are some of my own must haves for college.

Leggings. Better than jeans, more comfy than skirts/dresses, and will help to hide those legs that you refuse to shave for that 8am.

Forever 21 Ankle Zip Athletic Pants- $15.80

Rain boots. Perfect for rain, snow, slush and again laziness. You don’t feel like putting together an actual outfit? Saddle up your boring leggings with some bright-colored Hunter’s. Plus maybe the blinding color of these boots will guide your classmate’s eyes to your feet instead of your unwashed/makeup-less face.

Hunters- $125.00


Long Puffy Coat. This one is a necessity for anyone living in the midwest/east coast. You think winters are bad? Try walking to class when it is below 20 degrees and the wind is relentless. Legs will be beat red and on the verge of falling off if you don’t invest in a longer coat. I know it seems expensive, but I can guarantee that you would rather shell out a couple hundred than have frost-bitten legs courtesy of Jack Frost.

The North Face Women's Avenue Parka- $289


Comfy Shoes. I feel like this one doesn’t need to be explained. Don’t be that girl that wears heels to class. You are going to be doing a lot of walking, and honestly the boys aren’t on the prowl during lecture anyway.

Tom's Petal Grosgrain Women's Classics- $54


Headbands. There are going to be a lot of days when you would rather sleep than wash your hair. Deal with it. In order to avoid stares of horror from your peers I suggest investing in a few headbands. Pull that hair up, throw in a sparkle bic band, and act like you aren’t on day 3.

Silver Skinny Sparkle Bic Band- $10


Sweatshirts. Goes with nearly everything, makes you look athletic, and requires zero accessorizing. Winner.

Lululemon Riding Jacket- $118


Forever 21 Contrast Zip-up Athletic Jacket- $22.80


Gum. Just trust me on this one.

What are your must haves for college?



One Response to “Giving Up on Looking Decent”

  1. kelcgoestospain August 28, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

    YOGA PANTS!! yes on the head bands and sweatshirts.. if i could pull off the leggings i would.. probably shouldve mentioned to make sure they werent see-through.. BIG college mishap around central grosssss… anyways miss you!!

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