Quarter Life Crisis

27 Sep

Lately I have been feeling out of it. I am not exactly happy, but I’m not super sad. Stressing out about school, work, and maintaining real life relationships with family/friends instead of resorting to Facebook “poking” has taken its toll. I can safely say that I have been a crazy person for the last month…I’m not that fun, my makeup bag might be collecting dust, and I am pretty sure I wear the same 2 pairs of leggings every day. Oops. I think I am having a quarter life crisis.

Here’s what I am doing to get over this “hump(s)

Caffeine. It’s delicious and keeps me pretty jittery, which gives me the false impression that I am not in a shitastic mood. Added bonus, the pumpkin spice latte is back in business which means not only and I getting a shot of espresso goodness, but also fulfilling a weeks worth of sugar intake. Another bonus, it gives me something to do with my mouth..that way every time someone I don’t feel like talking to comes walking by, I can pretend that I am super into my coffee.

Can't talk...go away.


Crying. There is absolutely no shame in crying. I’ve watched lots of old episodes of Grey’s, the ones with Denny, and hysterically cried alone in my room. That may sound depressing it is, but if I didn’t cry out all my tears somehow I could have burst at a more inappropriate time, such as class or during a sorority meeting…and no one wants to see that. I am a very ugly crier lots of snot bubbles and shoulder heaving.

Friends. These people are obligated to make you laugh, bring you chocolate, and get you drunk. So you’re having an awful day? Drink up. God invented tailgate for a reason, and that reason is to give you a break when the work load for class becomes unbearable. So even when you can’t seem to drag your butt out of bed for that 7am wake-up party call, your friends will be there to make sure you have a good time.

Not caring. If hanging out with friends, crying and a caffeine high don’t do the trick, just wave a white flag and surrender. The work load will eventually become easier and everything will be fine. Choose sleep over 3am studying, and eat lots of cheese. That always makes me feel better.


Have you ever had a quarter life crisis? Do you even think it exists?



2 Responses to “Quarter Life Crisis”

  1. Lois September 27, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    wahh nik this is a good one! i got overwhelmed and deleted my facebook yesterday. on point. miss ya 🙂

  2. Katie Young October 3, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    Oh ya… I’ve been having a major quarter life crisis for the past month. My new horizontal ID has helped pacify some of my anxiety though, and coffee does the same to me, it makes me think “I feel awesome” when I really feel like sh*t… don’t worry gf, I’m right there with ya.

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