AL Project: Digital Autobiography (I Like to Write)

30 Sep

This is a project for a class I am currently taking this semester. It is a digital autobiography, and I thought the best way to describe my relationship with technology was to write a blog post. (Sorry it is so long!)

If anybody had told me less than a year ago that I would change my major, start a blog and begin writing for a fashion magazine I would have actually passed out. I am practical, and writing for a living is simply setting myself up for failure..right?! Wrong. After copious amounts of tears, coffee and one seriously needed epiphany I realized that I hated practical. What lead me to all these drastic changes in less than a year?

Clue: keep reading.

  • I felt trapped. Choosing a major and sticking to it is one of the hardest tasks a university can asked a college student to do. I am under the firm belief that we shouldn’t even be able to choose a major until sophomore year. Example: I came into MSU studying “pre-med” (useless, unless you actually attend medical school) simply because I loved to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I completely forgot that I nearly failed chemistry in high school, and that my favorite show was not exactly reality. Read more about my general 18-year-old naivety here. I did not realize that I was choosing majors based on what I thought was “expected” of me, and I refused to believe I could do anything besides medicine, law, and business.

This isn't real life?


  • Stalking Following the blog community. During lecture in an extremely painful university required class I decided to read a blog a friend constantly raved about. One post and I was literally hooked. Creeping on my first blog, Peanut Butter Fingers, led me to more creeping and eventually I was virtually following a huge blog community.
  • Changing my major. Everywhere around me people were excited about their majors, and I was dreading the inevitable event called graduation. My boyfriend was excited to be a chemical engineer, my work friend was pumped to apply for fashion retailing jobs, and a girl in my sorority interned at Teen Vogue. SHUT  UP. I was not excited for law school (law major at this point in time, keep up), I was surely not pumped to take the LSAT, and I really don’t like conservative suits. To top all this off I was 2 years into college already, and I wasn’t really feeling like being that 8th year senior if I changed my major now. Eventually I dragged myself to the counselor’s office and demanded to know what I could major in to include my love of writing, and how much longer would I have to be at MSU. Answer: Because I took all my MSU pre-reqs first I could graduate on time (even a semester ahead). I changed my major to Professional Writing with a specialization in Digital Humanities. #Winning.
  • The birth of Giraffelegs. As much as I loved reading blogs, I was completely unwilling to start my own. What if no one thought I was funny? Or even worse; what if I was not worth reading? I was so terrified at the prospect of negative feedback, that I refused to even try. After numerous crying sessions and whining about my lack of a good writing outlet my boyfriend gave me a virtual slap in the face. He told me it didn’t matter how many people read my blog, it mattered if I was happy. Writing made me happy. Thanks boyfriend.


  • VIM. I decided that although writing my blog was a good way to jumpstart my writing experience I still needed to become more involved. In the hunt for real people jobs, having zero work experience is similar to telling the interviewer that you smoke crack. You will probably get judgemental stares, snarky remarks, and a harsh critique on your worth ethnic. I wanted to be as prepared as possible when it comes time to be a real person (i.e. not a student mooching off every penny my parents are willing to throw my way.) Giraffelegs was a great way to highlight my creative side, however I also wanted to show future employers that I can write professionally, so I join a magazine. VIM Magazine is the fashion/beauty/health magazine for Michigan State University, and I joined the team a month ago. I will be writing features and I am beyond excited to actually see some of my work published. Look for my first article  in November 2011!

First Issue (I was not yet writing)

Determination. I know I have a long way to go and a lot more crying episodes. I will probably have to move out-of-state, live in a dump of an apartment and own a few cats for company. I most likely will not be making a lot of money to start and I will definitely still be mooching off my parents. That’s okay (thanks mom & dad). I would rather fall on some hard times doing something that I love instead of working for the big bucks at a job I cannot stand. I can honestly say that now I am looking forward to graduating and becoming a real person.

Throwback 2009 HS Graduation

Do you have graduation anxiety? How has digital technology affected your life?

One Response to “AL Project: Digital Autobiography (I Like to Write)”

  1. Evelyn Miska Krieger October 1, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    Of course I’m biased, but I could have told you writing was in your future 😉 That said, other people telling you vs. you figuring it out yourself are two TOTALLY different things. I can’t wait to see some of your articles and wholeheartedly agree that this is the direction for you. Being that you’re so into fashion, I have a friend who is a designer and will probably have her new collection out in the spring (usually a big show/party in Detroit to kick things off). I’ll keep you posted in case that’s something you’d be interested in checking out! Her website is

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