Flashback: Homecoming, Prom & All Things Spirited

3 Oct

This weekend was my brother’s senior year homecoming dance, and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to eat real people food and have my mom do my laundry support little broseph (he looked so handsome). As I was obnoxiously snapping pictures and barking for him to stand up straight, I was reminded about my own dances during high school. Obsessed was an understatement; I lived to wear sparkles, pay for an overpriced highly flammable updo, and bully Max into wearing the same color. WE HAVE TO COORDINATE. I even went as far to volunteer to make the senior powder-puff football shirts. They were awful…I put rhinestones all over them. Sorry 2009, I just really had a thing for bling. I was also that girl who picked out her dress months before the actual event and wholeheartedly participated in every “Spirit Week” theme. Cowgirls, game day dress, twin day, 80s day…oh I did it all.


Wild West 2009

Look at that tie...coordination


Getting really into the theme.

80's Dance...rough.


The "funny" picture

Did you love going to the high school dances? 



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