Good Luck House Hunting

10 Oct

Right when it seems like you are finally settling in at school, a major mental breakdown is right around the corner. This time it is not a giant midterm or that crazy-ass roommate causing your increased heart rate; it’s house hunting.

Can't live here forever.

Stressors include (but are not limited to):

Finding Roommates: Is four people enough, six too many? Will they all like each other? Do you even care? How do you go about telling that one friend that living together just isn’t going to work out? These are serious questions. House hunting brings out the worst in people and claws are guaranteed to come out. Best bet? Be honest with yourself and have expectations. Don’t settle into a house with roommates you aren’t comfortable with. Yes, it is going to make for some awkward friend conversations, but in the end it is what makes YOU happy, (And your parents because they might be footing the bill).

House Hunting. So you have decided on your roommates, great. Don’t sigh in relief just yet because you are still homeless. Now it’s time for you to bike/walk/run/sob around campus trying to find that “dream house” that exists in your mind but not in real life. You knock on doors, ask the current residents if the house is available for next year, and hope that they are nice enough not to slam the door in your face. Touring each house will definitely give you a reality check because….

You were expecting this:

Oh cute decorations! I can't wait to move in!


And walked into this:

Feels like I am in a Hoarder's episode...perfect.


Signing that “Dream House”. Finally! You and you friends have agreed on a house, you are pretty sure you can scrub out all the mold, and it has huge patio (cue rowdy tailgates). Now all you have to do is sign the lease! WRONG. I wish it were that simple. If you happened to find that one diamond in the rough house that doesn’t make you gag, you can bet somebody else wants it too. Realty companies are known to have raffles, camp outs (first come first serve…don’t forget to set up your tent), and sometimes even just hand-pick the group they like better.

Thankfully this year no one else wanted the house my friends and I were dying over. I am proud to say we have not one, but two party-tastic porches and great location. Bring it on senior year and good luck to all the house hunters out there!

Do you have a crazy house hunting story?



2 Responses to “Good Luck House Hunting”

  1. Katie October 10, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    We had a million people tour our house on Sunday & we were all deathly hungover and laying dead all over our living room couches/floor/bean bags and I think we scared off some future residents… classy

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