Victory for MSU

16 Oct

MIA. Blogging, homework, and anything resembling real life was dropped entirely this weekend so I could dedicate all my time tailgating. Priorities.

Michigan vs. State

Weekend Re-cap:

  • The Walmart Wolverines. Urban Dictionary:
    A fan of the University of Michigan who has never attended the school and roots for them while wearing one or more of the following:-$5.00 Michigan shirt bought at Wal-Mart
    -NASCAR hat
    -Hunting clothes
    “YEAH MAN! GO BLUE!!!”
    “Who’s that?”
    “Oh ignore him, he never went here. He’s a Walmart Wolverine”


  • MECHANICAL BULLS. I don’t hate it…tailgate is a fairytale.

My serious lack of coordination/balance deterred any ideas. (reword)

  • A Teletubbie made an appearance. As if watching the TV show didn’t scare me enough, I was beyond horrified when Tinky Winky sauntered into the party. At first I thought the peppermint schnapps was making me hallicinate…false it was real life.

Nightmare becomes a reality.

  • Charity event. Make a donation, smash the enemy car. Win, Win.

Fight! Fight! Rah! Team, Fight!




I’ll try not to be so MIA the next couple of weeks.


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