19 Oct

We have already established that I am super great at being “That Girl“. However, did you know “That Girl” comes in so many more forms other than “That Drunk Girl”. There is also…

“That Crying Girl”

“That Crazy Girl”

“That Obnoxious Girl”

“That Desperate Girl”

and my personal favorite “That Skanky Girl”

Skanky Girl is the winner because at one point or another we have all been “That Girl”. We make fun or her, and get pissed when she makes our with our boyfriends, yet every year we rip off our pretty oxfords and conservative sweaters to slip on fishnets and bustiers. Why? Because it’s Halloween! Duhhh.

"I'm a mouse...duh."


Past Costumes:

Freshmen Year (2009): I was a flapper; at least that was my intention. I am sort of sporting an indian shirt dress that I bought (wayyy overpriced), thinking I could wear it again. I HAVE NOT worn it since…where could I wear it anyway? Whoops.

Fishnets made an appearance.

Max is supposed to be from the 20's. This is what he came up with, not that mine was much better..

Sophomore Year (2010): I went all out last year, and by that I mean spending insane amounts of money I didn’t have just so I could look trashy. GO COLLEGE.

Night 1: Katy Perry via Teenage Dream. Yes that is a hot pink wig, and yes I am totally wearing lollipops on on my leotard. In my defense I really wanted to give Katy Perry justice with this costume I thought I was awesome. I will not be posting the bottom half of the outfit because I decided to complete this look with sparkle hot pants. Momma is so proud.

Borrowed those blue shoes...they made the outfit.

Night 2: In order to follow the crowd I, along with every other girl who has a boyfriend, made Max “coordinate” his costume with mine. Instead of dressing as something funny such as K. Fed & Brit Brit, I chose to go down the cutesy route and depict Sandy & Danny. This night I was significantly more modest, and wasn’t nearly as freezing. Side note: I attempted to curl my hair like Sandy…this was the final product. Not at all similar.

We Stayed Out Till' 10 o'clock



Night Three: The last night of Halloween all of my friends and I decided it would be hilarious to be “party animals”. We each picked our animal, attempted to somehow replicate that look with clothes, and lastly placed a shot glass necklace around our necks. Get it? Animals that like to party..haha. Everyone else pulled of their animals perfectly, except for moi. I was a flamingo, and while I thought my outfit was spot on; no one at ANY party could guess what I was. It was pretty clear right? Feathers in my hair, wearing all pink, feather boa around my wast, tan heels (for the feet), and gold eyeshadow painted nose (the beak..duh.) I was mistaken for a drag queen plenty of times, but never once a flamingo. However I took that as a compliment; drag queens are hot.

What were you dress as last year? you think I look like a flamingo?



4 Responses to “Halloweenie”

  1. Lindsay October 19, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Total flamingo. C’mon people. Last year I was a cherry pie contest winner…yeah. Um. Lame.

  2. Rachel Wilkerson October 19, 2011 at 7:09 pm #

    This post was so funny! Awww I can’t believe you have had such bad luck with Halloween! What are you going as this year??

    • giraffelegs October 21, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

      Max wants to be Joe Dirt this year, so I guess that makes me the trashy blonde love interest? Next date night will be at good ol’ Salvation Army. haha I would just rather eat candy and call it a day. Halloween at MSU is out of control.


  1. When Your Costume Sucks « giraffelegs - October 29, 2011

    […] indian, devil, cat, and Lady Gaga are completely overdone. I usually love to be original, see Katy Perry, and was disappointed that I resorted to throwing on a leotard, tutu and wings to be a skanky […]

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