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Such a Huge Ego

5 Dec

Due to my Thursday night’s escapades I have been thinking about alter egos. You know the one you get when you have had a few too many sips? Party Nicole, sometimes Violet to strangers, can be a diva, a best friend, a total bitch, or worse…a crier.

Here is a list of common alter egos:

The New Best Friend: This may also be referred to as the super needy girl. She is usually an ice queen when she is sober, and ultimately feels the need to make up for her general lack of warmth when she is hammered. Be careful if she comes your way, once you so much as smile at her crazy @ss she will dub you her new bff4L. At some point in the night she might puke, and since you are her new best friend you are obligated to take care of her.

The Soulmate: Watch out boys, this girl is on the prowl. She is feeling extra hungry tonight and you are one prime piece of meat. Don’t be fooled by the sexy eyes she is throwing your way, you will not be spending your night making out in the corner. Instead she will end up telling you all about her ex-boyfriend and how much she still loves him. Then she will cry.

The Bitch: Lock your doors. The bitch has decided that she really wants to make everyone’s night utter hell. She will complain about the beer/liquor choice, change the music and refuse to hide the rude faces she makes at all the other girls (we normally try not to let the girls see, it can get awkward). Surprisingly this girl is normally super nice during the day. This is a great example why it is not normal to be happy all the time. NOBODY IS ALWAYS NICE.

The Diva: Don’t confuse the diva with the bitch. This lady is all sass, but it works. She makes outrageous demands (refusing to share the cab karaoke microphone), but it’s all in good fun. This girl is fashionably late to the party, but always the last to leave. The indention marks on your coffee table are the result of her heels when she decided to dance last night. She won’t remember, so don’t bring it up again.

The Crier: This girl is the normal one, at least for a while, of the party. She is friendly, funny, and helpful to the host. However after she downs that 2nd solo cup of Franzia her eyes begin to tear up and she starts to bawl. You never know exactly what she is crying about because she doesn’t make any sense. Check on her an hour later and she will be completely fine.

Do you have an alter ego? I am most definitely guilty of all of the above..


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Fully Sassy at Semi-Formal

3 Dec

Thursday night was my sorority’s semi-formal. This is an excuse for all of use to neglect homework, dress up in super modest dresses, and act like we are all 21. My night did not start out like I had planned, which ultimately resulted in my super sassiness and acting like I owned the place. Sometimes a girl needs a night like that.

The night ended with my refusing to let anyone else play cab karaoke as I proceeded to belt out Bills, Bills, Bills and Baby One More TIme. Your welcome for the cheap entertainment. Classy as always.

Dress: Urban Oufitters via art fair sale; Heels: Steve Madden

Clutch: Express; Baubles: Dana’s jewelry drawer

And then lot’s of this…

led to this. Oops.

We can’t always be angels…

Are you a cab diva?


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Greek Gala

20 Nov

Every year greek life holds “Greek Gala” to honor the sororities and fraternities that excel in leadership, philanthropy, and morale. So obviously we all dressed up, snapped ridiculous amounts of pictures, and we also  took home two awards, Recruitment and Finance. This is the first weekend in a long time that I have successfully showered and made myself pretty at least twice. On a roll. Now it’s back to perfume showers and brushing my teeth with gum. If I can make it through Tuesday night I am golden.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, via super sale; Blazer: Forever21

Shoes: Jeanologie, East Lansing Boutique

What did you do this weekend?


VIM Launch Party

18 Nov

VIM Magazine had its fall issue launch party last night and it was nothing short of amazing. I am new to the staff so I was unbelievably pumped to attend the launch and get my networking on. I sort of felt glamorous; it may have been the step and repeat or that fact that it wasn’t held in a super dingy bar..but who really knows. What I do know for sure is that my Mariah Carey-esque feeling quickly faded when I was caught trying to rub the under 21 “x’s” off my hands only to be yelled at by a tiny woman with a big attitude. My bad…I just didn’t want to ruin my bomb outfit with heinous permanent maker.

On the bright side the party was super fun and I am pretty sure there are some amazing pictures in front of the VIM backdrop. I will make sure to post them as soon as they are available!

Look at that pout.

Dress: Rococo’s Closet, boutique in Northville Mi;

Shoes: Aldo via closet pilfering (Currie’s)

Dana's blue suede shoes.

Cheesing..clearly really excited for the launch party.

What did you do last night?


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When Your Costume Sucks

29 Oct

Normally I am a planner. In high school I picked out my prom dress in February and presently I am super Type A when it comes to outfit choices for a big event. For some reason this year I just couldn’t get excited and plan my Halloween costume. It might be the fact that my costumes never really turn out how I envision them, or maybe it’s because last year East Lansing was crawling with people who didn’t even go there; but I just could not get in the festive spirit. This year I decided to head home with high hopes of real food, fun-sized candy, and really bad SyFy movies. However in the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve I decided that I had to go out and dress up for at least one night.

Due to my lack of usual OCD, my outfit was unoriginal and I looked more like a stripper than a classy college undergrad. Just call me Candy.

  • At first I came up with the brilliant idea of dressing as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. This plan ultimately failed when a.) I could not find huge feather wings. The bigger the better. b.) I realized this costume ultimately requires me to dress up in lingerie and c.) I have no business acting as if I am Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Girl crush.

Sadly these wings were not available at Halloween USA. Weird right?


  • In an attempt to appear less scantily clad, and after huge wing hunting was a bust I decided the next best route was to dress up as a stupid fairy. I feel that dressing as a fairy, indian, devil, cat, and Lady Gaga are completely overdone. I usually love to be original, see Katy Perry, and was disappointed that I resorted to throwing on a leotard, tutu and wings to be a skanky pixie. It happens.

Thank god this picture is grainy, because the only redeeming part of this outfit is the feather eyelashes.

  • So after two trips to Halloween USA, I say two trips because the first time around I bought a toddler’s tutu on accident, I made it back to my house with 1 white adult tutu, 1 pair of false eyelashes, and zero dignity. I threw on my american apparel leotard only to realize that the tutu failed to fully cover up my butt and then was forced to hastily borrow a pair of hot pink spandex shorts. Then after realizing I couldn’t remember the last time I washed my hair, I dry shampooed like I never have before and rolled in some hot curlers. PLEASE TAKE THE GREASE OUT. To finish off the look I borrowed some fairy wings, sprayed my hair pink and then hoped that I didn’t look too desperate. I definitely did. My friends were far more elaborate and original with their costume ideas. One day I hope to not suck as much.

From left to right: Halloween Spirit, Cotton Candy, Skeleton, Dorothy, Flamingo, Painfully Generic Fairy

  •  The whole Scooby Doo crew also made an appearance, however I didn’t post any pictures because I don’t really know them and that would be weird.
What is your favorite Halloween costume? Do you like to be original?


19 Oct

We have already established that I am super great at being “That Girl“. However, did you know “That Girl” comes in so many more forms other than “That Drunk Girl”. There is also…

“That Crying Girl”

“That Crazy Girl”

“That Obnoxious Girl”

“That Desperate Girl”

and my personal favorite “That Skanky Girl”

Skanky Girl is the winner because at one point or another we have all been “That Girl”. We make fun or her, and get pissed when she makes our with our boyfriends, yet every year we rip off our pretty oxfords and conservative sweaters to slip on fishnets and bustiers. Why? Because it’s Halloween! Duhhh.

"I'm a mouse...duh."


Past Costumes:

Freshmen Year (2009): I was a flapper; at least that was my intention. I am sort of sporting an indian shirt dress that I bought (wayyy overpriced), thinking I could wear it again. I HAVE NOT worn it since…where could I wear it anyway? Whoops.

Fishnets made an appearance.

Max is supposed to be from the 20's. This is what he came up with, not that mine was much better..

Sophomore Year (2010): I went all out last year, and by that I mean spending insane amounts of money I didn’t have just so I could look trashy. GO COLLEGE.

Night 1: Katy Perry via Teenage Dream. Yes that is a hot pink wig, and yes I am totally wearing lollipops on on my leotard. In my defense I really wanted to give Katy Perry justice with this costume I thought I was awesome. I will not be posting the bottom half of the outfit because I decided to complete this look with sparkle hot pants. Momma is so proud.

Borrowed those blue shoes...they made the outfit.

Night 2: In order to follow the crowd I, along with every other girl who has a boyfriend, made Max “coordinate” his costume with mine. Instead of dressing as something funny such as K. Fed & Brit Brit, I chose to go down the cutesy route and depict Sandy & Danny. This night I was significantly more modest, and wasn’t nearly as freezing. Side note: I attempted to curl my hair like Sandy…this was the final product. Not at all similar.

We Stayed Out Till' 10 o'clock



Night Three: The last night of Halloween all of my friends and I decided it would be hilarious to be “party animals”. We each picked our animal, attempted to somehow replicate that look with clothes, and lastly placed a shot glass necklace around our necks. Get it? Animals that like to party..haha. Everyone else pulled of their animals perfectly, except for moi. I was a flamingo, and while I thought my outfit was spot on; no one at ANY party could guess what I was. It was pretty clear right? Feathers in my hair, wearing all pink, feather boa around my wast, tan heels (for the feet), and gold eyeshadow painted nose (the beak..duh.) I was mistaken for a drag queen plenty of times, but never once a flamingo. However I took that as a compliment; drag queens are hot.

What were you dress as last year? you think I look like a flamingo?


Birthday Girl & Sake Bombs

1 Oct

This past Thursday was my friend’s 21st birthday, and with that brought expensive food that will go straight to mah butt, a few Sake bombs, and an awkward encounter with the table next to us (they bought us dessert…we left in a hurry). I met Dana, 21-year-old newbie, on my study abroad in Dublin, and because of that a few friends and I thought it was fitting to by her a fifth of Jameson Whiskey (hurts so good) and original Bailey’s. It was a great night that ended with all the legals heading out to the bar while I went home to bed. Story of an underage girl.

Happy 21st Dana!

Birthday Girl

Black Dress (worn as a tank): Urban Outfitters

High Waisted Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Moto-Jacket: Lily Boutique

Heels: borrowed

Necklace: borrowed (clearly I need to go shopping)

Have you ever tried Jameson?



That Girl

22 Sep

I am a repeat offender of being “That Girl”. What does that mean? On more than one occasion I have frequented the party scene and made a complete ass of myself. During the night I am under the impression that I’m hilarious, totally in control and for some reason amazingly sexy. The next morning I inevitably wake up, glance at my pictures and realize that I was none of the above.

Here’s how to NOT be That Girl:

  • Eat Dinner. This seems easy enough, but I have had an issue with this one in the past. Do not under any circumstances count 3 tequila shots, 1 long island iced tea, and a shot-gunned beer as “dinner.” Alcohol tastes 10 times worse coming back up than it ever does going down. Eat lots of carbs i.e. pasta, bread, pizza etc. If that doesn’t work maybe you should reevaluate your drinking habits. I don’t care how much of a “tank” you are; no one throws back 12 shots in one hour.
  • Go out with friends. Friends are great. They buy you shots, take said shots away from you when you begin to act like Tara Reid and pay for the cab ride home. However, make sure these friends you bring out with you are good ones. You don’t want to be face down lying in a puddle of your own vom while they continue to dance on top of the table. If they go as far to ditch you that night…get new friends.
  • Take cover. AKA keep your lady parts private. So you get a little sloppy, that is not the end of the world. However, you will be more than embarrassed when you log onto Facebook the next morning to see shots of your bra hanging out or even worse a clear panty-shot when you fell climbed down from the bar. Do yourself a favor and wear some spandex and/or apply sticky tape to your ta-tas. Your mom will thank you later.

You may even choose to cover up with a down parka..up to you. Also..Hi sunburn

The picture above captures a night I was definitely “That Girl”. We won’t go into details…(tried to pose like a model in every picture, couldn’t get on the escalator, sang my sorority song down the street, ruined a perfectly white tablecloth, and face planted in front of a restaurant). Wasn’t a proud moment, but it makes for some good story telling.

Tell me about the time you were “That Girl”? Do you like her?


I do not like her in the morning.

White Blazer & Shoulder Pads

9 Sep

A rainy night + unshaved legs= jeans and a blazer. This blazer has shoulder pads, which I think is awesome. Why shoulder pads were invented still baffles me. I fully understand wanting to enhance some lady curves, but shoulders just don’t scream sexy. I could be wrong…

Ignore the awkward blur to the left...I thought the fan looked weird in the picture.

Blazer: The Loft

Cami: Express

Skinny Jeans: Forever21

Strappy Wedges: DSW

Necklace: Forever21

Dana was wearing shoulder pads as well, and if you ask me our we looked extra good last night. Makes all the difference.

How do you feel about shoulder pads?



Jello & ABCs: Why Parents’ Are Afraid of College

2 Sep

Themed parties are not necessarily a new trend. Our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles have most likely all partaken in themed festivities. The difference? While mother and father got all gussied up for a “Through the Decades” extravaganza, you on the other hand are putting together a makeshift outfit for that ABC party.

A- Anything

B- But

C- Clothes

Last year I went with the duct tape dress. I wanted to avoid duct tape if at all possible this year on account of never being able to sit down, not being able to use the ladies room (what am I gunna do, hike it up?), and sweating like 50+ obese man. I opted to wear a bandeau wrap some glitter tool around it, put on a skirt and call it a night. Did it do the job? Yes. Will my mom be proud of this picture? No, but at least I was on the more conservative side compared to a few others that night. I call that a win.

Getting Ready For Church

Other unnecessary/completely inappropriate college them parties

  1. Biker Hoes & Bicycles Bros. I could do without this one. There are no circumstances were I would willingly attend a party dressed in daisy dukes and leather while staring at a bunch of tipsy males in spandex biking shorts. No thank you.
  2. Stoplight Party. Wear green if your single, yellow if your unsure (what does that even mean?), and red if you are in a relationship. In my experience, single, unsure and taken all means the same thing to most college guys…try anyway. Again not a fan of this party either.
  3. Around The World. Each dorm room, floor, or house picks a country and decorates/serves drinks that correspond with the culture. Ex. Mexico-Margaritas, France-Champange, Germany-Beer, Cuba-Mojitos. Love this idea. Drink some fancy drinks while simultaneously becoming more cultured in such an educational environment. Yay learning.
  4. Jello Wrestling Party. I feel like there is no way to beat around the bush with this one. It sucks. Let’s be honest, the only reason man ever invented this party was so that he could watch uninhibited/insecure females grope each other in a pool of sticky sweetness. P.S. girlfran, that is no way to get a quality manfriend.
  5. Toga Party. Couldn’t pass this one up. Classic.


Have you been to any ridiculously themed parties? What were they?