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How To Break Up With Class

22 Nov

I fully believe that quitting your job is comparable to breaking it off with a former flame. You never know if it is exactly the right time, it can get a little messy, and you might come crawling back months later after finding out that there really is nothing better out there.

If you want to make sure to get that stellar recommendation from your boss follow these steps to keep it classy.

Speak in Person: Quitting breaking up is hard to do, and while speaking to your employer in person may be uncomfortable it shows that you are professional. Emailing, texting and a phone call is just rude. If you wouldn’t do that to a boyfriend/girlfriend you most certainly shouldn’t do it to your boss. This person pays you!! And if you do/have done break-ups via texting/social media/voicemails; shame on you. Grow up. (Unless it’s long distance, only then is it acceptable.)

Be Honest: If you are too stressed, behind in school, looking for other opportunities etc. tell your boss that! He/she will appreciate your honesty, and be more willing to agree to be a reference. Also these people are bosses for a reason, i.e. they can most likely smell out your bullshit. Don’t lie!

Give a 2 Weeks Notice: These last couple of weeks I have been more than stressed with multiple projects, blogging, working and of course Christmas shopping (duh), but I didn’t let of that get in the way of my work duties. I think it is unfair to quit a job without giving any notice because a.) You screw over your employer b.) You look like an a-hole and c.) Your co-workers now have to cover the shifts that you unexpectantly laid on them.


Speak with your boss and agree upon the last day of your two weeks. From there on out you should be working as if you never quit. You made a committment by accepting this job, and your boss put his/her time into training you, so the least you can do it give them adequate time in finding a new employee.

Be Thankful: Even if you are moving on you should remember everything that this job has given you. Without it you might not be able to online shop or pay your rent; reality check. Thank your employer for all the opportunites that have been made available to you through the time you had spent there.

When all else fails; cry. I have met very few people that do not buckle under the sight of tears. If it got me out of 3 tickets, it can surely work for everything else….right?

Disclaimer: I will admit that one time I did not adhere to my own rules. After a horrible, awful, terrible job experience in which I was mainly “learning how to become a great housewife” (his words not mine, and I have nothing against housewives!), and after being called “baby” one too many times I picked up the phone and did some damage. I left a voicemail the day before I was supposed to work, did not give a two weeks notice, and told him my reason for quitting was because my parents “made me”. Oops. Lesson learned.

Do you have any work “break-up” stories?



There’s No Time Like Downtime

8 Nov

With class, blogging, sorority duties (how sorority girl of me..), a part-time job, and writing for a magazine it’s a wonder I have time to actually breathe. Insert panic attack now. Wishing that Thanksgiving will get here asap just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Thanksgiving doesn’t just mean loads of artery-clogging food, oh no, it also most definitely brings on 3 projects, 5 papers, and one huge exam. I literally just counted all those on my fingers to make sure I didn’t forget one. AWESOME. So while my siblings are watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I will be silently sobbing while single handedly eating an entire pumpkin pie. I’m a stress eater.

I have come to realize that in order to be relavively sane while juggling your whole life, you have to make room for downtime every single day. It can be 30 minutes or 3 hours. Fit it in.

Currently some of my favorite ways to be lazy are…

  • Catching up on my weekly TV shows. Lately I am loving The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Gossip Girl, American Horror Story, 30 Rock, and The Walking Dead. It’s quite the hodgepodge. My shows have a nice mix of sexy, comedy, singing, slushies, and zombies.  Nothing like watching people getting eaten by zombies to remind you that somebody has it worse off.

I spared you a zombie picture. Plus Blair is much too pretty to not post.


  • StumbleUpon. I literally could stumble for hours. This website has everything from unique weddings to lolcats. Yes please. And for all you iPhone users, there is an app for that, and it makes stumbling in class so much easier.

Cute idea!


  • Gossip. I am a girl, we sometimes always thrive off this stuff. Websites such as Perez Hilton and POPSUGAR have helped me cope with my crazy workload by giving me daily doses of celebrity shenanigans.

Perfect timing.


For another way to destress make sure to check out VIM Magazine next week! The fall issue will launch November 18th!
What are some of your favorite ways to relax?

What I’m Loving: #cccc99

26 Oct

What? The new blog background color says it all..sort of.

Currently I am taking a web authoring class, and let me tell you it is comparable to learning an entirely new language. I am learning to build websites from the ground up, and I now have a whole new respect for the IT people. HTML/CSS is incredibly frustrating and time-consuming, and does not come naturally to me.

This week my class is focusing on color and how a specific color effects an audience. We were asked to choose a color/shade/tint that we would like to highlight in our online portfolio design. Currently I am loving all different shades or tan/beige/brown due to my latest shabby chic obsession. In html language I am addicted to RGB: #cccc99.

Here is some of my inspiration courtesy of Pinterest 

Notice the Christmas decorations; dream come true.



Everything's better with sparkles.


Love the full beige outfit.


Pairs amazingly with other colors.




What color are you currently loving?


Victory for MSU

16 Oct

MIA. Blogging, homework, and anything resembling real life was dropped entirely this weekend so I could dedicate all my time tailgating. Priorities.

Michigan vs. State

Weekend Re-cap:

  • The Walmart Wolverines. Urban Dictionary:
    A fan of the University of Michigan who has never attended the school and roots for them while wearing one or more of the following:-$5.00 Michigan shirt bought at Wal-Mart
    -NASCAR hat
    -Hunting clothes
    “YEAH MAN! GO BLUE!!!”
    “Who’s that?”
    “Oh ignore him, he never went here. He’s a Walmart Wolverine”


  • MECHANICAL BULLS. I don’t hate it…tailgate is a fairytale.

My serious lack of coordination/balance deterred any ideas. (reword)

  • A Teletubbie made an appearance. As if watching the TV show didn’t scare me enough, I was beyond horrified when Tinky Winky sauntered into the party. At first I thought the peppermint schnapps was making me hallicinate…false it was real life.

Nightmare becomes a reality.

  • Charity event. Make a donation, smash the enemy car. Win, Win.

Fight! Fight! Rah! Team, Fight!




I’ll try not to be so MIA the next couple of weeks.

Good Luck House Hunting

10 Oct

Right when it seems like you are finally settling in at school, a major mental breakdown is right around the corner. This time it is not a giant midterm or that crazy-ass roommate causing your increased heart rate; it’s house hunting.

Can't live here forever.

Stressors include (but are not limited to):

Finding Roommates: Is four people enough, six too many? Will they all like each other? Do you even care? How do you go about telling that one friend that living together just isn’t going to work out? These are serious questions. House hunting brings out the worst in people and claws are guaranteed to come out. Best bet? Be honest with yourself and have expectations. Don’t settle into a house with roommates you aren’t comfortable with. Yes, it is going to make for some awkward friend conversations, but in the end it is what makes YOU happy, (And your parents because they might be footing the bill).

House Hunting. So you have decided on your roommates, great. Don’t sigh in relief just yet because you are still homeless. Now it’s time for you to bike/walk/run/sob around campus trying to find that “dream house” that exists in your mind but not in real life. You knock on doors, ask the current residents if the house is available for next year, and hope that they are nice enough not to slam the door in your face. Touring each house will definitely give you a reality check because….

You were expecting this:

Oh cute decorations! I can't wait to move in!


And walked into this:

Feels like I am in a Hoarder's episode...perfect.


Signing that “Dream House”. Finally! You and you friends have agreed on a house, you are pretty sure you can scrub out all the mold, and it has huge patio (cue rowdy tailgates). Now all you have to do is sign the lease! WRONG. I wish it were that simple. If you happened to find that one diamond in the rough house that doesn’t make you gag, you can bet somebody else wants it too. Realty companies are known to have raffles, camp outs (first come first serve…don’t forget to set up your tent), and sometimes even just hand-pick the group they like better.

Thankfully this year no one else wanted the house my friends and I were dying over. I am proud to say we have not one, but two party-tastic porches and great location. Bring it on senior year and good luck to all the house hunters out there!

Do you have a crazy house hunting story?


Picnik (I Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Edit Pictures)

6 Oct

October is here, and you would think that crisp mornings and chilly evenings would be here to stay. WRONG. This is Michigan, and this beloved mitten shaped state loves to throw you a curveball every once in a while in regards to weather. It was 75 degrees yesterday. The warm temperature, a scheduled sorority event,  and the fact that I just happened to shave my legs called for a dress day; and that doesn’t happen very often.

Sparkle Cardigan: Old Navy

Dress: Lily Boutique 

Jamie & I at the philanthropy event she put together. She is just soooo great.

Love the way my skin happens to be completely different shades of orange/white in these pictures? Picnik is super fun to play with. Hopefully I get the hang of it soon, or else there will be a lot of oompa-loompa type pictures up in here.

Have you mastered editing pictures?


AL Project: Digital Autobiography (I Like to Write)

30 Sep

This is a project for a class I am currently taking this semester. It is a digital autobiography, and I thought the best way to describe my relationship with technology was to write a blog post. (Sorry it is so long!)

If anybody had told me less than a year ago that I would change my major, start a blog and begin writing for a fashion magazine I would have actually passed out. I am practical, and writing for a living is simply setting myself up for failure..right?! Wrong. After copious amounts of tears, coffee and one seriously needed epiphany I realized that I hated practical. What lead me to all these drastic changes in less than a year?

Clue: keep reading.

  • I felt trapped. Choosing a major and sticking to it is one of the hardest tasks a university can asked a college student to do. I am under the firm belief that we shouldn’t even be able to choose a major until sophomore year. Example: I came into MSU studying “pre-med” (useless, unless you actually attend medical school) simply because I loved to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I completely forgot that I nearly failed chemistry in high school, and that my favorite show was not exactly reality. Read more about my general 18-year-old naivety here. I did not realize that I was choosing majors based on what I thought was “expected” of me, and I refused to believe I could do anything besides medicine, law, and business.

This isn't real life?


  • Stalking Following the blog community. During lecture in an extremely painful university required class I decided to read a blog a friend constantly raved about. One post and I was literally hooked. Creeping on my first blog, Peanut Butter Fingers, led me to more creeping and eventually I was virtually following a huge blog community.
  • Changing my major. Everywhere around me people were excited about their majors, and I was dreading the inevitable event called graduation. My boyfriend was excited to be a chemical engineer, my work friend was pumped to apply for fashion retailing jobs, and a girl in my sorority interned at Teen Vogue. SHUT  UP. I was not excited for law school (law major at this point in time, keep up), I was surely not pumped to take the LSAT, and I really don’t like conservative suits. To top all this off I was 2 years into college already, and I wasn’t really feeling like being that 8th year senior if I changed my major now. Eventually I dragged myself to the counselor’s office and demanded to know what I could major in to include my love of writing, and how much longer would I have to be at MSU. Answer: Because I took all my MSU pre-reqs first I could graduate on time (even a semester ahead). I changed my major to Professional Writing with a specialization in Digital Humanities. #Winning.
  • The birth of Giraffelegs. As much as I loved reading blogs, I was completely unwilling to start my own. What if no one thought I was funny? Or even worse; what if I was not worth reading? I was so terrified at the prospect of negative feedback, that I refused to even try. After numerous crying sessions and whining about my lack of a good writing outlet my boyfriend gave me a virtual slap in the face. He told me it didn’t matter how many people read my blog, it mattered if I was happy. Writing made me happy. Thanks boyfriend.


  • VIM. I decided that although writing my blog was a good way to jumpstart my writing experience I still needed to become more involved. In the hunt for real people jobs, having zero work experience is similar to telling the interviewer that you smoke crack. You will probably get judgemental stares, snarky remarks, and a harsh critique on your worth ethnic. I wanted to be as prepared as possible when it comes time to be a real person (i.e. not a student mooching off every penny my parents are willing to throw my way.) Giraffelegs was a great way to highlight my creative side, however I also wanted to show future employers that I can write professionally, so I join a magazine. VIM Magazine is the fashion/beauty/health magazine for Michigan State University, and I joined the team a month ago. I will be writing features and I am beyond excited to actually see some of my work published. Look for my first article  in November 2011!

First Issue (I was not yet writing)

Determination. I know I have a long way to go and a lot more crying episodes. I will probably have to move out-of-state, live in a dump of an apartment and own a few cats for company. I most likely will not be making a lot of money to start and I will definitely still be mooching off my parents. That’s okay (thanks mom & dad). I would rather fall on some hard times doing something that I love instead of working for the big bucks at a job I cannot stand. I can honestly say that now I am looking forward to graduating and becoming a real person.

Throwback 2009 HS Graduation

Do you have graduation anxiety? How has digital technology affected your life?

So Your A Freshman, It Happens

31 Aug

We’ve all experienced it. Being a freshman is comparable to having braces, bifocals and breathing through your  mouth. It’s a part of college, and it happens it whether you want to or not. We have all walked around with a map held up to our faces while wearing our ID’s around our necks.

Of course I was one of these freshmen, only less cool. Example: I thought it would be cute to document my “night out” dressing up and staying in the dorms by taking a picture…alone..while wearing this outfit. I’m so fetch. It’s a miracle I made any friends.

Hi Freshmen Fifteen...don't visit ever again please.

Here are some of my less than stellar freshtastic moments.

  1. I was sitting in the front of my first 300+ lecture, yes the front, I was clearly just so ecstatic to learn. Not only was this my first big class, but my first class in college period. The professor introduced the class, discussed office hours, rambled on for about 15 minutes and then remembered to state what section we were in. I was in the right class, wrong section and therefore wrong room. I literally sprinted out of the room to avoid the embarrassing stares. In retrospect, I’m sure the sprinting drew in more stares than a casual walk of shame.
  2. The day after my wrong room mishap, I attempted to start fresh while making a new friend in my writing class. It was a small room and I sat next to the only girl who looked remotely normal. Then a series of word vomit spewed out of my mouth in an attempt to be friendly, “Hi, my name is Nicole. I’m a freshmen and live in Akers and this is my first writing class. Are you a freshmen? What’s your major? Where do you live?” My new best friend looked at me, picked up her backpack and sat on the other side of the room. I later learned that she was a senior, so I had very obviously offended her by equating her to such a lowly frosh status. FAIL.
  3. This is a good one. In an attempt to appear to be a more seasoned college student, I decided to try my hand at riding the bus second semester. 3 weeks into cramped and sweaty riding, I could not figure out why people opted to ride the bus so often. It took longer for me to get to where I wanted to go than if I had been walking. The problem? Instead of getting off at the station to switch buses, I would stay on one bus and literally ride the entire route. I didn’t realize that I could switch buses to get to where I needed to be faster. DUMB.
I would like to think that I know better now, but that is one bold statement.

Yup...bold statement.

Do you have any embarrassing freshmen moments? What were they?

Giving Up on Looking Decent

28 Aug

There will come a day when you stop trying to look cute for class. This usually happens about 3 days into school. Buying pieces that require little styling effort and can be worn numerous times are prime for us starving/lazy college kids. Here are some of my own must haves for college.

Leggings. Better than jeans, more comfy than skirts/dresses, and will help to hide those legs that you refuse to shave for that 8am.

Forever 21 Ankle Zip Athletic Pants- $15.80

Rain boots. Perfect for rain, snow, slush and again laziness. You don’t feel like putting together an actual outfit? Saddle up your boring leggings with some bright-colored Hunter’s. Plus maybe the blinding color of these boots will guide your classmate’s eyes to your feet instead of your unwashed/makeup-less face.

Hunters- $125.00


Long Puffy Coat. This one is a necessity for anyone living in the midwest/east coast. You think winters are bad? Try walking to class when it is below 20 degrees and the wind is relentless. Legs will be beat red and on the verge of falling off if you don’t invest in a longer coat. I know it seems expensive, but I can guarantee that you would rather shell out a couple hundred than have frost-bitten legs courtesy of Jack Frost.

The North Face Women's Avenue Parka- $289


Comfy Shoes. I feel like this one doesn’t need to be explained. Don’t be that girl that wears heels to class. You are going to be doing a lot of walking, and honestly the boys aren’t on the prowl during lecture anyway.

Tom's Petal Grosgrain Women's Classics- $54


Headbands. There are going to be a lot of days when you would rather sleep than wash your hair. Deal with it. In order to avoid stares of horror from your peers I suggest investing in a few headbands. Pull that hair up, throw in a sparkle bic band, and act like you aren’t on day 3.

Silver Skinny Sparkle Bic Band- $10


Sweatshirts. Goes with nearly everything, makes you look athletic, and requires zero accessorizing. Winner.

Lululemon Riding Jacket- $118


Forever 21 Contrast Zip-up Athletic Jacket- $22.80


Gum. Just trust me on this one.

What are your must haves for college?


Dorm Shopping 101

18 Aug

It’s that time again where college freshmen around the world are rejoicing. They pack up all there belongings, hide their welcome week beer, and run out of their parents car before it can even roll to a stop. Moving is stressful enough, but figuring out what/what not to bring for the dorms is nearly impossible. There are so many things that I wish I hadn’t bought, simply because I didn’t need it. Listen up kids, splurge on the necessities…

1.)    DON’T buy an outrageous bed set. I can guarantee that you will get sick of it within the first year. Stick with neutrals (white, tan, gray). If you really want to do color I would make sure it’s not patterned (or it’s a classic pattern). I thought I would love my black and white polka-dot sheets forever…nope hated them in 3 months. Good thing I had bought a reversible comforter, this way if I got bored all I had to do was buy new sheets.

Urban Outfitters Solid Edge Ruffle Duvet- $89

Urban Outfitters Waterfall Ruffle Duvet $149-199











2.)    DO try to mix and match. It literally looked like I threw up a 13 year old girl in my dorm room. Everything was hot pink and black…omagawddd make it stop. It was too colored coordinated, and I basically had to completely clean out my account to change things around when I got sick of it in .2 seconds. Pick a color that you want to center around (like blue for instance) and then use neutrals as well as small pops of complimentary colors. Overall this will pull your whole look together.

Bloomingdale's Sky Bedding, via Casa Sugar


3.)    DO buy a closet organizer. Almost every store that carries home accessories will have some sort of shoe/sweater/jewelry organizer. BUY IT. Don’t be under any assumptions that your dorm will provide you with a walk in closet.

Target Room Essentials Sweater Organizer $7.99


4.)    DON’T BUY CHEAP. Just because that bookcase is $ 5.99 doesn’t mean you should buy it. I get that you are poor, that is my life. However, in the long run you are going to spend more money buying replacements for that cardboard bookshelf because every time you take a book out, it falls apart. You are in college for 4 years (if you are lucky), invest in some good pieces that will hold up until graduation.

5.)    COORDINATE WITH YOUR ROOMMATES. You don’t all need a flat screen TV, refrigerator, and a futon. Figure out who is bringing what, and make sure that everything is divided equally. I made the mistake of being too nice and letting one of my roommates only bring bathroom cleaning supplies. I brought the futon…unfair trade. Further down the road she ruined my futon with a melted chocolate bar..still bitter.

Walmart Delaney Split-Back Futon- $149


Lastly, have fun. In the long run you will forget what your bedding looked like, that futon will be thrown away, and you will trade in that sweater organizer for a wonderful Carrie Bradshaw dream closet.

What are/were you most excited to buy for your dorm? Do you have any dorm horror stories??