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Be Real Comfy

9 Dec
Be Real Comfy


Be Real Comfy

9 Dec
Be Real Comfy

CALYPSO ST BARTH cable knit sweater
$225 –

$93 –

Short skirt
$60 –

Givenchy black ballet flat
€398 –

Madewell ballet flat
$118 –

Cross shoulder bag
$70 –

Dorothy Perkins navy clutch
$39 –

Kendra Scott statement necklace
$55 –

Flashback: Homecoming, Prom & All Things Spirited

3 Oct

This weekend was my brother’s senior year homecoming dance, and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to eat real people food and have my mom do my laundry support little broseph (he looked so handsome). As I was obnoxiously snapping pictures and barking for him to stand up straight, I was reminded about my own dances during high school. Obsessed was an understatement; I lived to wear sparkles, pay for an overpriced highly flammable updo, and bully Max into wearing the same color. WE HAVE TO COORDINATE. I even went as far to volunteer to make the senior powder-puff football shirts. They were awful…I put rhinestones all over them. Sorry 2009, I just really had a thing for bling. I was also that girl who picked out her dress months before the actual event and wholeheartedly participated in every “Spirit Week” theme. Cowgirls, game day dress, twin day, 80s day…oh I did it all.


Wild West 2009

Look at that tie...coordination


Getting really into the theme.

80's Dance...rough.


The "funny" picture

Did you love going to the high school dances? 


Heaven is Now Available To The USA

10 Sep

ZARA , a Spanish based retailer specializing in clothing and accessories, has made online shopping available for the U.S. starting last Wednesday. I am a little late on the breaking news and haven’t gotten around to stalking the website until today. While most items are pretty expensive, I find that they are also very unique and pretty bomb. I for sure cannot support a ZARA addiction until I get a big girl job, but I can still dream. Christmas list mom….

Here are some of my latest obsessions:

V-Back Dress- $89.90


Dress with a Flounced Skirt- $89.90


$89.90 (Unnamed)


Evase Mini Skirt- $59.90


Peep Toe with Internal Platform- $89.90


Mini Shopper- $49.90


Go check it out!!


Glitter, Candy & Prepubescent Teenyboppers

29 Jun

Max and I scored free tickets from one of our friends to Katy Perry last night. She was phenomenal, I have never seen so much candy, whipped cream and confetti in my life. Not to mention her body is just as smoking in real life as it is in pictures. Is that weird? Probably. I have decided that if I could pull off wearing a bra made to look like Hershey’s kisses I would wear it everywhere. Class, work, name it, because I am one klassy broad.

Work it

Also, for the first time in my life I felt old. I have never seen so many screaming pre-teens in my life. I thought the girl next to me was going to pop a blood vessel. The best part of it all was when Katy decided to cover Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, all the children started making these confused faces. I knew they were all thinking, “Like, omg. Is this a new song? I’ve never heard it. I’m such a bad fan. I know all her songs! Wait..this isn’t right…this sounds kind of old.”

What do you mean you don't know who Whitney is?!

Learned my lesson. That is the last time I try to look above 15 for a pop concert. Next time I’ll throw on my old headgear, put on blue eyeshadow and wear floods. Loved the awkward middle school years.

Found the only other early 90's girl

This rant got me thinking about the early 90’s. Don’t you think the shows, movies and music were way better when we were growing up? Backstreet, Spice Girls, Boy Meets World, RUGRATS (no elaboration needed). We didn’t have any of those show on Disney that highlight tweens who sing, dance and fall in love every other day. Thanks Miley Cyrus but you can keep yo’ jank mouth to yourself. I miss the 90’s; granted I have only experienced 2 decades so my opinion doesn’t really matter..but when has that stopped me before.

What were your favorite shows/bands/movies when you were younger?

Ol’ McGomez

27 Jun

I’m not a hick. I’m not a hick. I’m not a hick. I might be a hick.


Most people come home from college to find their bedroom turned into a guest room, or even worse the “craft room”. I considered myself lucky, my room was not touched and still remains free of glue guns and glitter. Spoke too soon. Bring on the glitter momma, because I was not prepared for what I came home to from Ireland….. CHICKENS AND A COOP.

Is this real life?

Yup, it's real. Don't invite people over.

My parents decided it would be “fun” to raise chickens and eat fresh eggs. I can no longer have people over…EVER. On the bright side, maybe this will make me look well-rounded. I can see the resume now..

Nicole Gomez

Student, Farmer, Sorority Girl

My job opportunities are endless.

On an even brighter side, I was able to get away for the day by boating all day with Maxwell.

What a looker.

So there ya’ have it. I came home from Europe full of culture and experience only to return to 4 chickens and a rooster. I am never leaving again, because I might come back to pigs and a goat.




25 Jun


I have lots of unpacking/sleeping to do so I am sorry I haven’t updated!! As soon as I have time/find something worthwhile to write about (who knows how long that will take), I will post!!

—-soo sleepy


Freezing and Cranky

6 Jun

Today I realized how crazy scary I can be when provoked. Conditions for this state of crazy are as follows…

1. I’m cold

2. I’m hungry

3. I’m tired

4. I think you suck could be more helpful than you were

After walking around in the city, let’s keep in mind that it was cloudy and cold and I was wearing a dress and half my body (aka my legs) were outside in the tundra, we all decide it is time to go back.  Sitting at the bus stop 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes…whattttttttttt why are you not coming bus 39a? Let’s also keep in mind that we talked to TWO other drivers to ask if our bus was running that day.

“Yes, yes it is. I think it is just late.”

Oh really?! You think that it’s late…good observation..yeah I would say that 60 minutes seems about the time that I would think the bus is late…

Let’s go to bus stop #2. A group of us decides to try our luck down the road. Finally 39a comes..until it changes to out of service. (Breathe Nicole breathe)

39a comes again..and this is the time I barge into the bus demanding answers

Bus Driver From Hell- “Oh we aren’t going back to the college today. This is my last stop.”

Me-“….I get on here every day. Are any buses going there?”

Bus Driver From Hell- (stares at me blankly)

Me-“Alright thanks for not helping. You are an @s$hole. Tell your other 39a friends I said that too..”

I know, not the most mature thing…but seriously no driver could tell us that the bus routes were changed earlier? Eventually we found a completely different route and got back…3 hours later…

My life is so hard..I am abroad in a beautiful country, and I’m that girl who has to complain about bus routes….

Tomorrow we have a day trip to Kilkenny! So hopefully I will be more fun =)

Zoo Recaps!

Notice the resemblance

Shaky giraffe legs (aka whenever I wear heels)

Not from the zoo..but it's cute

– crankylegs

What makes you cranky??


2 Jun

Remember bbl? Be back later??

I was out all day watching a film and play for class, and then when out for Ortal’s 21st birthday. I have lots of stories, but I am tired and should probably get up for class tomorrow. I will update late tomorrow!!!

xoxo exhaustedgiraffelegs

Giraffelegs Has Landed

30 May

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have officially arrived in Ireland. I am currently 5 hours ahead of Michigan time, making me….

a. very sleepy

b. in serious need of a shower (I will spare you any details)

I get my own room and teeny tiny bathroom.

Legs clearly have zero room

We haven’t ventured into downtown Dublin yet, so I don’t have any cool pictures. I wish you could see what I look like right now..a hot mess would be an understatement. I look like Linda Blair  via The Exorcist..woof.

Anywayyy that is all I have for now, sorry it wasn’t exciting. I have to go make friends…and who knows how long that will take.