I Want It All

Like I said I want it all.
I am that girl. The tall girl, the loud girl, sometimes crazy girl, definitely the broke girl and the girl who can’t pass by a sale without hyperventilating. I have proudly stated “I am not shopping anymore, I am done. I don’t need anything”; and then passed by TopShop and went to town like Brit Brit did on her head. Am I proud? Maybe No. Will I stop? Better find myself a sugar daddy. It’s a sickness. I might be fine one minute and then glance at Cosmo as Kimmy K flashes her bazoombas on the new September issue, and decide that I want that too (because if Kim looks like that in her bandage dress, then so will I…right!?).
Can I afford high-end attire? Ffffff no!
Will I someday? Let’s go back to that sugar daddy…
Right now all I can focus on is feeding my habit, as cheaply as I possibly can. AKA: reusing clothes in different ways, stop being such a biatch and cut my card, beg my parents for moolah, restrict myself to only buying so much per month etc.
Basically the outfits page under I Want It All will feature what I wear, old and new, and where to get deals on clothes/shoes/accessories (when I happen to find them). In the future I hope to set up a few polls so you guys can comment and rate on some of the latest trends, and maybe some celebrity styles.
Let me know if you have any suggestions/comments, I am still learning =)
-Long live poor college ladies!

3 Responses to “I Want It All”

  1. Jaclyn Romero August 18, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    Nicole! This whole blog is amazing!

    • giraffelegs August 19, 2011 at 10:03 am #’s slowly coming along =)


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    […] I Want It All […]

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